The greatest amount of offers I’ve received to assist a child in paying for schooling, is for our little Nash. I get it. He’s too little. He’s too little to be going it alone. He’s too little to be sleeping in a gutter. He’s too little to be hustling the streets of Kitale. He’s too […]


Meet brothers Safari and Topos

Safari, 14 and Topos, 13.   Walk into Embrace and you’ll quickly notice the friendly, well-mannered nature of Kevin Safari and Isaac Topos. Then you’ll be struck by the resemblance and realise that they are brothers, not just in street, but in blood. Topos:   Safari:   The only 2 in their separated family, the […]

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Meet Stephen

Stephen, 13   We met Stephen on our first ever day at Embrace! Quiet, but a part of the crew with an infectious laugh, and a calm and caring nature. Difficult to understand considering he has spent half of his life on the streets. The second born in a family of 8 children and the […]

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Aaaand we’re back with our boys!

Monday morning, 730 am. It’s taken me 72 hours. Waking to the Zanzibar sunrise Friday morning, to arriving to Kitale with the Kenyan sunrise Monday morning. Add in there a few hairy moments of border crossings, passport control and those drivers that didn’t show up at 4am or 1030pm – you know the perfect time […]

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Meet Andrew.

Andrew, 15. AKA Cooker, AKA Kuka. Andrew was born in Uganda in the year 2000 to parents Alfred Mulati and Rose Wabangala. The last child born into the couples family of 10, Andrew’s relationship with his parents would sadly be short lived. Diagnosed with throat cancer just months after Andrews birth, Rose fought until 2003, […]

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Meet Matakwe!

14 year old Duncan Kiprotich easily slips under the radar. Matakwe, as he’s known around Embrace and to his friends, is quiet, respectful and although very well liked among his peers, isn’t drawn to following a crowd. Instead, if there is a noisy gathering of boys, you can almost guarantee he wont be in the […]

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Meet Mofat.

Mofat, 14: An only child, Mofat Musombe was left in the care of his maternal grandparents Wycliffe and Risper, from the age of 2. To this day, he has not reunited with his mother again and no one is aware of her whereabouts. The family have never known anything regarding his father since their daughter […]

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Meet Milton.

Milton Yohana, 12.   Reading Milton’s social work report is sad. It’s realistically a timeline of some pretty important people in his life who have abandoned him. Family members who have left to start new lives that they don’t want him to be a part of. Parents who have remarried one by one, starting families […]

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Meet Dominic.

Dominic Kibonge, 15. Dominic is the first born in a family of 4 children, with 2 sisters and a brother following him. His parents separated 10 years ago, with his father taking the second born daughter with him. The family are not aware where either of them are. His mum, Rophina, lives in a nearby […]

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